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Our work process

Our work process is based on zero compromises. Preparation is everything, and without it  coating will fail to perform, no matter how good it is.

All of our applicators have undergone a vigorous training program to allow them to become artisans in their craft. Our surface technicians will meticulously prepare and polish the surface, ensuring the best possible bond between the paintwork and the coating is established.


A multi-stage washing process is undertaken on the vehicle, ensuring all surfaces have been properly cleansed and washed. This is ensures that all dirt and grime has been abolished from the surface, and the car is ready to undergo a thorough decontamination process.


This is one of the most crucial processes of the service. All surface impurities and contamination is chemically and physically removed from the vehicle, safely and efficiently. This ensures that the polishing stages of the process will work the best, and the coating will create the best possible bond to the paint, allowing for ground-breaking performance.


Polishing stages are also undertaken on the vehicle, to ensure the paint is flat and rid of all physical defects. The paint is then further refined to ensure no micro-scratches are evident on the surface, which may impair the coatings effectiveness. This allows for the vehicle to look its best, and the coating to perform at optimum levels.

REAL Durability: 3+ Years
Hydrophobic (Water Beading Level)
Chemical Resistance (Chemicals, Bird Droppings..)
Dirt & Dust Resistance
Swirl & Scratch Mitigation

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