CarPro Cquartz is made on the philosophy of no compromise. All coatings made are at the pinnacle of modern ceramic technology, or pushing the boundaries of what was once thought possible. Cquartz has specifically made coatings for every part of your vehicle, that are designed to transform their look, protect them for years, and ease their maintenance – bringing you into the coated lifestyle.  From exterior coatings for your paintwork, wheels and glass – to innovative interior protection for your leather and fabric surfaces, Cquartz has you covered.

Bring your car into new aesthetic and protective heights and experience the future.


The newly formulated Cquartz Professional takes years of Sio2 development a step further. Creating candy like gloss, with durable protection to match.


The latest generation of coating technology. The Sio2 and Epoxy infusion pushes coating performance and protection beyond what was previously possible.


Enhance, protect and make maintenance easy with innovative Wheel Coatings. These coatings are designed to keep your wheels cleaner for longer, and create a super slick surface, negating contamination build. Your wheels will look great for years to come.


Protect your glass and windscreen, creating a super hydrophobic surface to repel any water/contaminants that come into contact with your vehicle. Windscreen Wipers are no longer needed, as the water just runs right off.


The ultimate fabric protection – transforming your fabric surfaces. Super hydrophobic and durable coatings make fabrics repel any solution, keeping your fabrics clean and free of stains all year round.


Innovative and durable Leather Protection – ensuring beautifully smooth, rich and clean leather all year round. Ceramic coatings will improve the flexibility of the leather, whilst nourishing the top coat, protecting from stains, dye transfer and other contaminants.

A System Engineered to Last.

There are two crucial factors that determine a coatings performance, application and maintenance. Proper application is essential in ensuring the coating has the best possible bond to the paintwork. All our trained applicators guarantee their work, and will always undergo a thorough preparation process.

However, even if you have best application process, without proper maintenance, performance will be heavily hindered over time and your coating will not last. Because of this heavy reliance on maintenance, we don’t believe in a piece of paper. We don’t want to create a flawed guarantee designed to give you a false sense of security – which is only going to set you up for failure. We want to give you more than just a service, more than just a workmanship guarantee. We want to gear you up with the right education and products that will allow you to maintain your car properly, getting the most out of your coating. So how long can the coatings last? The coating can last 3-10 years, provided proper maintenance is met.

Enjoy the true coated lifestyle with Cquartz.

Our Technicians

Trained Technicians: Not everyone can buy these coatings. Businesses are vetted before enrolled in our training course to help take their skills and their knowledge of this new age of innovative detailing to the next level. This helps ensure the quality of every application, because in this industry it’s all about the prep!

Beyond Detailing: These technicians aren’t your average detailers. The cquartz program brings like minded enthusiastic businesses together, to push the boundaries of what is possible in vehicle preparation and enhancement.

Workman Ship Guarantee: We can never say this enough, but a coating is only as good as the people applying it. Every business gives their own workmanship guarantee, they are confident in their work and with this you can be too.